The Brain Beneath Our Horse’s Skin
How do we communicate with our horses in an effective way? How do we maintain our compassion and patience when our horse seems to care less that we love them, or reacts in dangerous ways when we only want...
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Horse Communication – Beyond Action & Words
I think we can all agree that communication between one another, human to human is complicated right?Now add inter-species communication, human to horse, we quickly discover our good intentions are not...
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Help My Horse Is Trying To Kill Me
“I am afraid my wife won’t come home one day from the barn. I just want her to get rid of that dangerous horse,” Wendy’s husband said to me as he pulled me aside. “I’ll do everything I can to help,” I...
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Virtual Energy Field Communication Between Horse & Human
I think we can all agree that communication is complicated and when you add inter-species, human to horse, we soon discover our good intentions are not enough to be safe around a 1,000-pound animal. The...
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Gentle Horse Training Doesn’t Mean Wimpy
I hear this all the time “if you are soft and gentle with your horse he’ll walk all over you” or “you are too wimpy with your horses, they won’t respect you.” I understand the good intentions behind these...
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What Does Anthropomorphizing Your Horse Mean?
Credit: Thinkstock Anthropomorphizing isn’t a bad thing, it is actually what we do when we are training and working with our horses. The word anthropomorphizing is a popular term used in warnings to horse...
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