Gentle Horse Training Doesn’t Mean Wimpy

I hear this all the time “if you are soft and gentle with your horse he’ll walk all over you” or “you are too wimpy with your horses, they won’t respect you.” I understand the good intentions behind these comments, but I’m here to tell you that being gentle with your horse does not mean you are a wimp or need to be wimpy. On the contrary! A gentle, compassionate herd leader is what your horse desires–notice I said herd leader. Your horse is genetically wired to require a herd leader at all times, even in your herd of two, you and your horse. You can be gentle, loving and I encourage kissing and hugging, too, so long as you demonstrate you are your horse’s herd leader and maintain that herd leadership, all with a gentle compassionate nature.

Being a herd leader means behaving in a horse-like way that invokes your horse’s instinct to recognize you as their herd leader. When I work with a horse for the first time I establish my herd leadership by doing a Wholistic Joining, (not to be confused with Round Penning or Join-Up)–watch FREE how to do a Wholistic Joining on YouTube at You don’t need a round-pen or large area, a simple paddock can be sufficient. It’s all about controlling your horse’s feet in a herd leader like manner invoking your horse’s instinct to recognize you as their herd leader. It can take just a few minutes or a bit longer depending on the type of horse you are working with, but once you have established your herd leadership it is easy to maintain by teaching your horse healthy boundaries–to learn more watch FREE Training the Whole Horse video series on YouTube at

It is a myth that we as humans need to use force, dominance and pain to control a horse. Your true desire to love and be loved by your horse is natural to you and your horse, you just need to learn how to be your horse’s herd leader which is as simple as he who moves the other’s feet first is in control. Visit Missy’s YouTube channel for over 90 horse training videos at

Internationally recognized horse whisperer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators, Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse training, horse management, and effective communication workshops, clinics, and presentations across the country and at her Zen Barn in Estacada, Oregon. Missy is the producer of the famed, “free for viewing” Training the Whole Horse and Starting Under Saddle video series, plus founder of HorseMAREship, and DO NO HARM Productions. Missy is also the creator of the All-In-One Bitless Bridle, founder of IRON FREE RIDING, and the Equine Support Center for Fibromyalgia. For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website at or call toll free 888-406-7689.






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