CHA International Conference in Kentucky

Certified Horsemanship Association announces its schedule for the 2017 CHA International Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, in October. Help CHA celebrate its 50th anniversary!

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is offering its first look at the 2017 CHA International Conference with the release of the conference schedule of events, which can be found online at

CHA will celebrate its 50Anniversary this year with sessions from top horse trainers, instructors, veterinarians, farriers, equine industry professionals, and equine behaviorists. The CHA International Conference will be held in Lexington, Kentucky, October 26-29, 2017, with sessions at both the Kentucky Horse Park and the Marriott Griffin Gate Hotel. CHA members and non-members are welcome to register.

The event will kick off with a live recording of CHA’s Radio Show with Horses in the Morning, hosted by Christy Landwehr and Glenn Hebert on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. The CHA Annual Membership Meeting will take place that afternoon, followed by a few educational sessions and then a Welcome Reception at the Kentucky Horse Park Museum that evening. 

Friday and Saturday are jammed full of educational sessions. Mounted sessions are planned using horses that are generously on loan from Midway University’s Equine Studies Program. Attendees will enjoy working with horses or observing those on horses in the Kentucky Horse Park’s 130 x 300’ Covered Arena. A favorite of attendees is the CHA Awards Banquet and the end of the silent auction, which will be at the Marriott Griffin Gate on Saturday night.

The following educational sessions are planned for the event:

  • Peak Performance Strategy Workshop
  • Winning with CHA – Low Cost and High Impact Strategies for Increasing Group Engagement
  • AAEP Equine Disease Control Center Update
  • What the Judge is Looking for in Over Fences Classes
  • Biomechanics in Riding
  • Protecting Your Equine Business with Risk Management
  • Leg Yields, Circles, Half Passes, Serpentines, and Shoulder Ins
  • How the Language of the Horse Can Empower Us
  • Find out More about IHSA and IEA
  • Drill Patterns for All Levels of Riders
  • Working with All Levels in Dressage
  • The Psychology and Leadership of the Horse
  • Exercises to Improve Flexibility/Strength/Coordination of the Aids
  • Farrier Certification – What It Is and Why It Matters
  • Working with the Media to Promote Your Business
  • Canter Transitions
  • The Mind and Body Connection
  • The Care and Training of Clients
  • Lateral Work to Improve Turns on the Haunches/Spins/Rollbacks
  • Built to Ride – Anatomical Considerations in Regards to Saddle Fit
  • Girl Scouts, the Clients That Keep Giving
  • Training Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds to be Great School Horses
  • Engaging the Rider’s Core to Engage the Horse’s Core
  • Thinking Outside the Box When Teaching Beginners
  • Adding Horseback Archery to Your Riding Program
  • Western Dressage
  • Be a Hero to Your Students, Your Horses, and Yourself
  • Help Your Horse with Acupressure/Essential Oils
  • And More!

Important meetings are scheduled for the Board of Directors on Wednesday and for Regional Directors and State/Provincial Representatives on Thursday. CHA Clinic Staff retreat will happen on Thursday and Sunday. Regional meetings for all CHA Regions will happen on Saturday.

Visitors can find out complete information and/or register online at Don’t miss out on this informative conference’s presentations, workshops, entertainment, equine veterinary talks, silent auction, vendors, and the ever-popular hands-on riding sessions.

CHA Instructors Change Lives Through Safe Experiences with Horses. The purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the horse industry. CHA certifies instructors and trail guides, accredits equestrian facilities, publishes educational manuals, produces educational horsemanship DVDs and YouTube Safety shorts, and hosts regional and international conferences. For more information on the largest certifying body of riding instructors and barn managers in North America, Certified Horsemanship Association, please visit or call 859-259-3399. To find a certified horseback riding instructor or accredited equine facility near you, visit






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