The Pyramid Society Announces New Stud Book for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

The Pyramid Society proudly announces the launching of its ground breaking publication, The Pyramid Society Stud Book for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide. “The Pyramid Society founders, in establishing the definition of the Straight Egyptian horse, were inspired by the horses bred at the Egyptian Government Stud, Al Zahraa, and set out to preserve and perpetuate their unique qualities so that posterity might benefit,” stated Omar Sakr, Chairman of the Stud Book publication and Pyramid Society Board Member,” For close to fifty years this limited genetic pool, carefully selected after much research, survived, prospered and dominated the global Arabian horse scene, remarkably without an official studbook, fulfilling the prophecy of the Pyramid Society founders,” he added. This prominence over the years is a testament to the imposing and unique qualities of this horse that can never be recreated from other than its own.

The Pyramid Society offers this publication as the final and definitive chapter in establishing the Straight Egyptian horse as a breed within the Arabian breed. It is to be considered as the only indisputable and unequivocal reference tool for all breeders of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse worldwide.

The Pyramid Society owes a debt of gratitude to Sheikh Khaled Bagedo, owner of Al Khaled Stud, Saudi Arabia, a renowned and dedicated breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, for his commitment to the Society’s mission as evidenced by his generous sponsorship of this publication. Appreciation and gratitude are also extended to the Egyptian Arabian Horse Pyramids Foundation of Egypt for their support, shared vision and leadership in the endeavor. This studbook reflects the collaborative, tireless research and assembly efforts of Omar Sakr, Judith Forbis, Joe Ferriss, Christie Metz, Keri Wright, Mohamed El Bourini and Ahmed Aboul Fotouh.

The Pyramid Society Stud Book for Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide is available for sale by The Pyramid Society on their website or by calling 859-231-0771.

The Pyramid Society, as the international breeders’ organization for Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, remains dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse as the premier source of classic Arabian type in the world. This publication is proudly presented as an example of that dedication.

For more information, contact:
The Pyramid Society
4067 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 2
Lexington, KY 40511
Ph: (859) 231-0771






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