Second Edition of Dr. Getty’s “Aging Horse” Expanded

Sept. 25, 2013 — Aging horses have a tremendous amount to offer—wisdom, experience, trained skills—and with proper nutritional support, these equine sages can lead healthy, productive lives for many years. Recently expanded and released in its 2nd edition, Aging Horse: Help Him Grow Old with Dignity and in Health, by Juliet M. Getty, PhD, includes detailed information on the physiology and nutritional management of an array of conditions common to mature horses.

As an independent equine nutrition consultant, Getty bases her advice on sound science, not manufacturers’ claims. The facts of equine anatomy and physiology inform her feeding programs, starting with her most fundamental credo: Feed the horse the way his nature, both physical and psychological, intended. Depending on health issues, horses may have specific, unique nutritional needs, but eating “like a horse” (grazing on appropriate forage, 24/7) should be at the heart of every feeding program.

Aging Horse: Help Him Grow Old with Dignity and in Health (Second Edition) is one of six titles currently available in Getty’s series, Spotlight on Equine Nutrition. All books are available through Getty’s website or through Amazon in print and Kindle editions. The next book in the series, due out in late October, will present a thorough discussion of the horse’s digestive system which, as Getty’s title would suggest, is “Decidedly Different.”

As a courtesy to first edition buyers of Aging Horse, Getty will provide the expanded chapters electronically at no additional cost. Contact Dr. Getty directly at [email protected] to let her know you have the earlier version and would like the update.

Juliet M. Getty, PhD, is an internationally respected equine nutritionist. She is the Contributing Nutrition Editor for the Horse Journal and is available for private consultations and speaking engagements.

At, sign up at no cost for her informative monthly newsletter, Forage for Thought; read articles from her growing library of reference articles, and search her nutrition forum; purchase recordings of her subject-specific teleseminars, and pick up copies of her books, including Getty’s comprehensive reference, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse as well as the various volumes in her Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series.

Getty will be presenting at Equine Affaire, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on Nov. 9-10. For schedules and other information about Equine Affaire visit

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