The Breakaway Roping Journal Launches September 1

The Breakaway Roping Journal is set to launch with complete coverage of rodeo’s fastest-growing sport.

Melody Hale is shown here competing in breakaway roping.

The staff of The Team Roping Journal is launching its passion project­—The Breakaway Roping Journal—as a stand-alone website on September 1. This website will highlight the stellar talent, explosive horsepower and biggest news in the sport of breakaway roping.

Relying on TRJ’s unmatched team of experienced roping reporters, The Breakaway Roping Journal ( will be live September 1) will pair breakaway roping instructional stories with breaking news and inspirational storytelling across all associations, all from the sport’s greatest influencers, motivators and competitors, as well as up-and-coming talent.

“Communities grow through vibrant media, when dedicated journalists dive deep into the stories to unify the separate circles operating with the same passions,” said Chelsea Shaffer, editorial director for The Team Roping Journal and The Breakaway Roping Journal. “It’s a model that helped team roping become the force it is today with the launch of Super Looper and Spin To Win in the 1990s, and it’s how we hope to do our part to similarly expand the opportunities for breakaway ropers today. Producers and ropers across the country are stepping up to support the explosion of the sport of breakaway roping, and we are stepping up to do our part, too.”

The brand will launch as a website, with a team of talented writers who can connect the youth with the skills of the professionals, as well as provide the up-to-the-minute coverage that allows ropers and fans to follow along with the happenings of the sport. It will feature spotlights on upcoming events, the latest roping gear and innovations in horse care and stories about the best horses, trainers, breeders and programs in the business.

“Breakaway roping has produced a level of talent from its ropers and their horses that can no longer be ignored,” said G.R. Schiavino, associate editor at The Team Roping Journal and The Breakaway Roping Journal. “The Team Roping Journal team has been keeping a keen eye on this development, and we’re thrilled the day has finally arrived in which breakaway earned its rank in professional rodeo. As such, we’re prepared to bring our own professional talents to the table in the form of The Breakaway Roping Journal to provide the coverage the sport and its athletes deserve.”

For editorial suggestions, questions or comments, email Chelsea Shaffer at

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About The Breakaway Roping Journal

The Breakaway Roping Journal provides professional coverage of the athletes, horses, gear and events driving the exponential growth in the sport of breakaway. The BRJ will employ the talents of leading ropers, trainers, breeders and industry leaders to explore the forces shaping the sport, while providing transformative instructional pieces and videos that will motivate breakaway ropers to better each aspect of their craft at every level.

About The Team Roping Journal

The Team Roping Journal expands and energizes the team roping industry by telling dynamic stories of the people, horses and events that inspire the sport. Through engaging editorial and photography, we work to provide the necessary content for today’s team roper to maximize his or her precious time in and out of the arena.






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