Dr. Getty’s New Book, Equine Cushing’s Disease: Nutritional Management

Equine nutrition expert Juliet M. Getty, PhD, will publish Equine Cushing’s Disease: Nutritional Management, in August.

July 31, 2013 — In the management of equine Cushing’s disease, nutrition is a key component to slowing the disease progression and bolstering the horse’s quality of life. Equine Cushing’s Disease: Nutritional Management, by equine nutrition expert Juliet M. Getty, PhD, demonstrates the disease mechanism, discusses its symptoms and veterinary care options, and covers the optimal nutritional support program that specifically targets Cushing’s.

Cushing’s, otherwise known as PPID (pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction) is a disorder of the endocrine system. Genetic in nature, Cushing’s affects many horses as they age. The degree of oxidative stress their bodies encounter during their lives has a significant impact on the progression of this disease, and sound nutrition helps to counter that oxidative stress as well as significantly reduce the risk of that all too frequent companion to Cushing’s–laminitis.

Equine Cushing’s Disease: Nutritional Management is the latest offering in Getty’s “Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series.” Delving more deeply into material introduced in Getty’s resource book, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse, and covered in her popular teleseminar series, each book takes up a particular element of horse health and presents topic-specific detail, new/more information on research studies, and recommendations on relevant supplements.

Other “Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series” books include:

  •  The Aging Horse – Helping Him Grow Old with Dignity and in Health
  • Easy Keeper — Making It Easy to Keep Him Healthy
  • Joint Health – A Nutritional Perspective
  • Laminitis – A Scientific and Realistic Approach
  •  Whole Foods & Alternative Feeds 

Order Equine Cushing’s Disease: Nutritional Management at Getty’s website, in advance for a pre-publication price of $12.95. Published books sell in print for $14.95. Discounts are available for multiple book purchases at Books may be purchased individually on Amazon and are also available on Kindle.

Juliet M. Getty, PhD, is an internationally respected equine nutritionist available for private consultations and speaking engagements. She is the Contributing Nutrition Editor for the Horse Journal. Getty believes that nutrition knowledge is key to horse health; at, sign up for her informative—and free—monthly newsletter, Forage for Thought; read articles and search her nutrition forum; purchase recordings of her informative teleseminars, and pick up copies of all her books, including Getty’s comprehensive reference, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse. Getty will be appearing at Equine Affaire, Eastern States Exposition, Nov. 7–10, 2013, in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Contact Getty directly at






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