Equine Eco Green Introduces New Bedding

A technology unlike anything that has been presented previously. Prior technologies were not widely accepted. Finally, reprocessed bedding that doesn't look recycled!

A technology unlike anything that has been presented previously. Prior technologies were not widely accepted. Finally, reprocessed bedding that doesn’t look recycled!

The patented Equine Eco Green (EEG) process is a closed loop, zero equine waste solution. The technology reclaims and reprocesses used bedding to produce dust, allergen and pathogen free animal bedding, as well as nutrient rich compost. This brilliant concept provides superior quality bedding and reduces removal costs. EEG’s scalable equine waste reprocessing systems are available for private facilities, racetracks, horse shows, and regional equestrian communities.

Lisa Thomas, Founder of Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services, and Shelly Moore Townsend, Founder and CEO of Equine Eco Green, have joined forces to fundraise and launch the first environmental solution in the Ocala region.

EEG is an efficient and cost-effective solution for manure, shavings and soiled hay removal. Reprocessing waste into viable products will supply Marion County equine facilities with bedding at a cost-effective price point.

The upside of this offering is two-fold: Larger positive effects is the cleanest and healthiest choice available in bedding for our equine athletes today; the sustainable technology reduces the impact on the region’s environment, land and waterways.

Shelly Townsend, Founder and CEO of Equine Eco Green, has worked tirelessly for nearly a decade on research and development to patent this process and build a plant for proof of concept. Townsend is excited to relocate the current plant in Lexington, Kentucky to Ocala, Florida. “We plan to have our first location in The Horse Capital of the World as our template for future locations to be rolled out throughout the USA.”

Townsend and Thomas originally met in 1989 while riding together in Unionville, Pennsylvania. They are lifelong friends and business women who share a passion for horses and are both stewards of land conservation and the environment.

Thomas is thrilled to be working alongside of Townsend. “I have worked in the equestrian industry for years, promoting and marketing top level riders, businesses and events. I have been blessed by living in a region that is dedicated to land conservation and protection of our waterways in the Mid-Atlantic.

“Through my clients in Ocala, I have grown to love Marion County as well, and I have followed Shelly’s passion to launch this remarkable solution for equine waste management. My goal is to garner interest and to have our first location launched in Ocala by the winter of 2017/18. This is perfect timing with the addition of the World Equestrian Center in Ocala. Exciting growth is coming to Marion County and this is the patented solution to managing the environmental impact of the continued growth in the region!”

Equine Eco Green is seeking investors to get in on the ground floor of launching their first full scale operation in Ocala, Florida. Townsend has completed the due diligence in this region. EEG™ has sourced several site locations and is poised to start development and production in Marion County.

For more information on this cutting edge, environmentally protective project, please visit their online prospectus at or visit their website at






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