Signal-Health LLC Improves and Updates Equiwinner Tag Line

Making Electrolytes Work becomes Making Electrolytes Smart

Signal-Health, the North American distributor of Equiwinner patches, is pleased to launch a better tag line for Equiwinner patches that is also up to date. We’ve got smart phones, smart cars, smart water, smart credit cards and since Equiwinner was launched 12 years ago, every horse can now have Smart Electrolytes.

What does that mean exactly? Horse owners and trainers are familiar with chemistry profiles of blood tests that show electrolyte levels and more. Those chemistry profiles show how much is present in the blood at a point in time. We shouldn’t forget however, that electrolytes don’t stay in one place. They move around. That’s where the SMART part comes in.

Researchers have found that simply providing electrolytes to horses does not guarantee they’ll work properly. When comparing healthy horses to unhealthy ones, they’ve found that electrolytes don’t always do what they’re supposed to do. So far, abnormalities in electrolyte activity have been linked to equine anhidrosis, or non-sweating and tying-up.

In Veterinary Dermatology1, researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University and Michigan State University published findings that anhidrotic horses secrete chloride ions differently than normal, healthy horses do. They referred to it as “defective electrolyte transport.”

In the American Journal of Veterinary Research2, researchers suggest that an abnormality in intracellular calcium regulation causes recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis, more commonly known as “tying-up.” Dietary calcium has been shown to have no effect on the amount of calcium in muscle tissue.

Barbara Socha, president, said that the new smart tag line better explains what Equiwinner does. Understanding that electrolytes aren’t always smart, and don’t always keep horses healthy is important.

Equiwinner makes electrolytes smart so they do what they’re supposed to do. Smart Electrolytes work to keep a horse healthy. Horse owner and trainers will spend less time worrying and dealing with horse health issues and more time riding and winning. Equiwinner does that! A simple 10-day treatment restores smart electrolyte balance. Results can last for months and even up to a year. It’s easy and it’s fast.

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1. A preliminary study of the short circuit current (Isc) responses of sweat gland cells from normal and anhidrotic horses to purinergic and adrenergic agonists. Wilson, Darius C.S. et al, Veterinary Dermatology June 2007
2. Abnormal regulation of muscle contraction in horses with recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis. Lentz LR et al, American Journal of Veterinary Research August 1999

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Signal-Health is the official North American distributor of the Equiwinner patch. Developed by ActiveSignal Ltd in the United Kingdom, Equiwinner is a simple 10-day treatment consisting of non-invasive dermal patches. The patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes that restore normal cell metabolism by stimulating communication directly between cells in the horse’s body. The company has a Canadian affiliate based in Thunder Bay, Ontario.






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