Stable Management Extra: Stocking the Equine Stable's Tack Room

Stable Management Extra Volume 5 gives you tips and suggestions for stocking your equine stable's tack room. Brought to you by 1800PetMeds

In the Stable Management Extra Volume 5 we offer an easy reference to take stock of what you have, what you need and what you should keep in your horse farm’s or stable’s tack room.

In this Stable Management Extra we look at non-prescription items that you might want to keep in your tack room. Many of these items are available over the counter or can be delivered directly to your door through online “pharmacies” (which often have a wide offering of equine products that don’t require a prescription).

From basics to recommended items you might not have considered (but might need), Dr. Nancy Loving takes you through the what’s and why’s of these items.

Having a well-supplied tack room at your farm or even in your horse trailer means you have what you need when you need it. Keep in mind that many products and supplies kept in the tack room might prove attractive to young children or pets. It is smart to lock such items into a high cabinet, far out of reach, to prevent inadvertent ingestion and poisoning.



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