Go Ahead, Re-Invent the Wheel

You might have had someone tell you that you shouldn’t re-invent the wheel, meaning don’t try to do something that is already in common practice or use. But I’m going to encourage you to do just that! Is there something that is used constantly in your industry, sport or discipline that could be better?

We invented new types of break-away jumps because horses were having too many accidents on cross-country courses. The old-timers said you should just make stouter fences and the horses would jump them.

We invented better helmets because head injuries in those riding horses was causing people to avoid riding because it was “too dangerous.” Also, old-fashioned helmets were not comfortable or cool (or stylish). And we adapted technology from other sports (such as cycling).

We invented safety vests to protect riders from falls. Then invented ones that automatically inflated if you were separated from your horse. (Man, I wish I’d had one of those a few years ago!)

Stop and think about something needed and used in your line of equine business, and don’t listen to those who tell you to not re-invent the wheel. They are probably the same ones who tell you that you can’t build a better mouse trap!



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