Horse Week Is Here!

Horse Week starts tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Don't miss any of these wonderful equine documentaries and horse videos because once they are gone on October 9, they are gone!

The best week of the year is here! Horse Week—brought to you by Boehringer Ingelheim—premieres tonight. Tune in to HorseWeek.TV today through Sunday, October 9th. It’s FREE! And it is brought to you by the parent company of Stable Management.

Join us for this weeklong video event from the barn, office or comfort of your couch using any smart device or computer!

Ways to tune in:

Visit HorseWeek.TV for more information and to watch October 3–9!

Horse Week is a digital film festival where viewers can watch never-before-seen films online for FREE, October 3–9, 2021, by visiting HorseWeek.TV.

Click on this video below to see how to download the Horse Week app to your smartphone. (Note: This video has music playing.)

Equestrians will enjoy films from all corners of the horse world—from the ranches of the American West to the mountains of Peru to the top training barns in the country. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired to step into the stirrup.

Check out HorseWeek.TV for the full schedule, featured video trailers, and to tune in. It’s time to celebrate all things horse!

Check out the Making of a Champion documentary brought to you by Horse Week title sponsor Boehringer tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Check out that video’s trailer here.

Or check out this featured presentation video presented by Smart-Pak this evening and new videos every day this week! 

Check out the schedule here. Multiple videos will be presented each day, then will be available for on-demand viewing until October 9.






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