How is Your Equine Business Unique?

You need to market on your website how your facility or farm is unique so potential clients want more information.

What is special about your facility? Do you have large pastures for grazing? Trail systems? Indoor and/or outdoor arenas? iStock

Even if you’re offering the same services as the stable 20 minutes down the road, your barn has attributes that make it unique. It’s your job to articulate distinctive traits on your website so that potential clients reach out for more information.

Here’s three ways to showcase what differentiates your barn from a competitor’s.

Show your personality. Highlight your interests and what makes you tick. This should include your equine and non-equine interests, especially if you do volunteer work.

“I’ve seen a lot of websites that look alike because the business owner’s personality isn’t included,” said Karen Paul, a marketing expert who owns Elida Creative in Ballston Spa, New York.

Tap into your “why.” Customers like to buy from people who are passionate about the services they promote. Why are you in the horse business? Was there a favorite horse from your childhood you could weave into the story?

“Share on your website why you started the business and highlight your passion, mission and vision,” Paul said.

Spotlight what makes your barn special. Some clients are looking for top-tier lesson horses. Others want facilities with turnout. Still others are looking for stall board and or might be inspired by add-ons such as heated waterers and fans for each horse. You can’t be all things to all customers, but when people relate to what sets you apart, they will be inspired to reach out and learn more about you and your facility.

“You can show them that you have a special facility, top-tier horses or have beautiful surroundings with the pictures you use,” Paul said.

No one knows you and understands what drives you better than you. It can be challenging to talk about yourself. Ask customers why they choose to be at your barn or have you as an instructor and have them relate how the environment is different at your barn compared to others. 

A marketing expert can provide the guidance you need to get started telling your story in such a way that it is attractive to horse owners who are looking for what you are offering. 






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