Winter Horse Farm Building and Property Tips

These articles from Animal Arts can help you better manage your equine property and business.

Winter can make managing horses and farm property even harder. iStock/Azuki25

We compiled a list of articles that Animal Arts architectural firm has written for Stable Management in recent years to help horse farm owners better manage their properties in winter. We hope this information will make your winter a little easier to tolerate for you and your horses.

We included one article on mud management, because we recognize that not all of our readers are plagued by snow in winter. 

Adding Hot Water to Your Horse Barn Here are tips for adding hot water to your stable or riding facility.

Ventilation vs. Insulation in Horse Barn Ventilation in horse barns is important for horse and human health, but does the barn need to be insulated?

Mud Management on Horse Farms Might Mean Creating Higher Ground You can reduce the “bog effect” if you take time to notice where water runs and settles after a rain, and plan your landscaping strategy accordingly.

De-Icing Products for Horse Paths What do you look for in products you put on paths to ensure they are safe for horses and other animals?

Plan Now for Spring Horse Farm Construction For many, this is a great time of year to plan construction projects, before the busy seasons of spring and summer.

Five Essential Energy Saving Tips for Equine Facilities In this article we will outline five strategies for creating an energy-efficient horse facility.

Frozen Automatic Horse Waterer Your automatic waterer for your horses needs to be installed properly for your location and used regularly to keep from freezing.

Safely Address Snow and Ice on Your Horse Property Get ready for winter’s snow and ice on your horse property.

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