Dr. Kenneth Kopp

Manmade vs. Homemade
It’s hard to beat Mother Nature when it comes to feeding horses. However, pelleted horse feeds may have done just that.
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The Skinny on Fat
For the past decade, researchers, veterinarians and trainers have been singing the praises of high-fat equine diets. Here’s why.
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A Table For Two
With breeding season in full swing, here’s a look at the best way to make sure both your broodmares and their offspring are well fed.
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Are They Feeling Their Oats?
When it comes to oats, tradition rules instead of science. Here's what they really do.
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Nutritional Supplements—Hype vs. Logic
In the dizzying world of nutritional supplements, it’s hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. With some research, you may discover the answer right under the horse’s nose.
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Adapting to Change
With a horse’s sensitive digestive system, any change in feed can have nasty results. Here are a few hints to ease the transition.
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Alfalfa's Bad Rap
The myths about this forage are needlessly preventing many horses and their keepers from enjoying alfalfa’s many advantages.
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Nutrition and Equine Behavior
In trying to figure out what makes horses tick, or in this case, behave badly, here’s a look at the studies on diet and its effect on animals.
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Battling Health Problems Related to Feed
You may be offering your horses a high-quality ration, but without good feeding management, problems can occur. Stables that follow sound feeding principles will minimize waste and disease.
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