Stable Management Extra: Diversity in Your Equine Stable

Learn more about diversity and inclusion for your equine business with Volume 2 of the Stable Management Extra.

Volume 2 of Stable Management Extra focuses on diversity and the equine industry. Whether you own or manage a stable, teach riding lessons or just participate with horses, these articles can help you better understand how to be welcoming to all people who want to participate in the horse industry.

We created Stable Management Extras, which are digital “mini-magazines,” to provide additional information to Stable Management readers to help them better manage their own horse properties or boarding stables. 

In Volume 2, we cover these topics:

  • Diversity in Equine Stables
  • Promoting Diversity
  • Why Seek Diversity?
  • Equal Rights
  • Handling Discrimination
  • Underrepresented Riders




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