Products for Horses and Owners: Around the Barn

Here are a few solutions that can streamline horse chores and keep your equine barn and equipment tidier.

HayChix is a hanging slow hay feeder that swings open for refilling. The system incorporates a hay net to slow down fast eaters.

Looking for solutions that help you keep the barn tidy and streamline chore time? This article highlights three products that can help you accomplish those goals.

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Cleanliness keeps sickness at bay and helps prevent the spread from one horse to another. Sometimes you need a thorough washing just to remove built-up dirt and grime. Sometimes it is a small area that needs cleaned, like a tack room or the feed room. Whether its leather tack, plastic tubs or metal trailers, a thorough scrubbing prolongs the lifespan and helps limit the spread of germs. 

Deb Moulton runs a small boarding operation in Vermont, and she uses Symbiont wash to clean buckets and feeders and sprays a stall with the solution if a horse has been sick. With a pregnant mare due in the spring, she also plans on using it right before birthing so the stall is as germ-free as possible.

In Pennsylvania, Jennifer Olson Bryant relies on Rapide Leather Gel for cleaning and conditioning high-quality saddles and bridles. As luck has it, it is hard to find in the United States, so she buys it from the British-based Fairfax Saddlery.

“In my opinion, it is better than the industry standard Effax Leder-Balsam (leather balm),” she said.

Efficiency in the barn is as important as hygiene. When the daily routine is as productive as possible, it leaves time for other projects around the stable. Streamlining the feeding process saves precious minutes and satisfies hungry horses more quickly. Reducing waste at the same time as speeding up the routine is the trifecta of barn products. Moulton discovered HayChix, a hanging slow hay feeder that swings open for refilling. The system incorporates a hay net to slow down fast eaters.

“The HayChixs are easy to open and close one-handed,” Moulton said. “They are very durable with our ‘hangry’ eaters, and there is no waste.”






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