Download the Tack Repair Log

Busy farm and stable owners/managers know finding time to do everything that needs to be done on a daily basis is hard. However, keeping your tack in good repair is a necessity. Unfortunately, we often notice that a halter is getting worn, or a girth needs stitching, or a stirrup leather needs replaced, but we forget as soon as we turn around and 100 other things grab our attention.

If you keep a Tack Repair Log in a visible place and train yourself (and your staff, students and trainers) to note anything that needs to be fixed as soon as it is seen, then you are more likely to get those repairs done in a timely (and safe) manner.

You can download the PDF of our Tack Repair Log to print out and post in your tack room or on your barn’s bulletin board to assist you in getting important tack repairs done in a timely manner.

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