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You can read online or download the complete 2018 fall issue of Stable Management magazine.

Myth Busting the Top 10 Equine Whoppers! was Stable Management‘s cover story for our fall 2018 issue. You can find it on page 6. Among the equine industry myths busted (or not) by attorney Denise Farris included:

Myth 1: You can buy a horse on a handshake.

Myth 4: Your liability waiver isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Myth 8: If you’re towing a horse trailer weighing over 10,000 pounds, you must have a Commercial Driver’s License.

Myth 10: Your workers are “independent contractors” if you call them that.

Do you know which ones are myths and which ones were “busted”? Read the article now to find out!


Every boarding farm and riding lesson instructor knows the key to a successful program are the horses who help you teach. With support from Cosequin, Stable Management selected the 2018 School Horse of the Year. High Time’s Star Material (aka “Grace”), is a perfect example of how the life of a well-bred and desired horse can quickly change. Then, out of the worst, can come a new, meaningful life. Learn more on page 11

In the article Biological Risk Management, you find out there are many things you can do in your stable to reduce the risk of disease spread. See the article on page 14.

Foot problems can arise from a myriad of management practices and disease concerns. Learn more in Equine Foot Pain on page 18. 

Ever wondered how other stable owners handle their businesses? In Business Tips from Other Stable Owners on page 23, you can try these six business tips to increase the profitability of your equine business.

Just because winter is on its way doesn’t mean that you or your horses get a break. On page 28 in the article Winter Nutrition for Working Horses, we offer tips for keeping your horses warm and happy this winter through what they eat.

In the article Horse Shopping 101 on page 33, we will offer you tips to help you save time and money finding the right horse for your lesson program or a client. 

Have you ever had a friend or client “fall in love” with an inappropriate horse? In CHA Certified Riding Instructor and Equine Facility Manager Jill Montgomery’s article Finding the Right Horse on page 34, you can use these five key considerations when coaching your client to buy a suitable mount. 

CHA President Beth Powers discusses Five Ways to Improve Your Teaching on page 38. Using this information, you can benefit your horses and students by keeping lessons fresh.


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