80 Million Working Equids Need Your Help

FullBucket Veterinary Formulated Supplements is helping bring the plight of the world's working equids to light with a new mini-documentary video and by giving back to those animals.

June 3, 2013 — FullBucket Veterinary Formulated Supplements is helping bring the plight of the world’s working equids to light. FullBucket has created a mini-documentary video to help demonstrate how the first social business in the animal healthcare industry is taking part in helping these animals.

FullBucket is a division of Animal Stewards International. ASI has several brands of animal healthcare products that are developed by veterinary specialists Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM, and Keith Latson, DVM, DACVS, to address the needs of their clinical patients.

The difference with this company is that for every serving of supplement sold, a serving of supplement specifically developed for an underdeveloped region’s equids is given to animals in need.

Working Equids are donkeys, mules and horses that are used for work in developing countries. They are used daily to haul supplies, people, food and water by poor communities.

“In the US, we see abuse and abandonment issues to horses and various animal species, and there are literally thousands of organizations that provide support for these cases. It’s a wonderful thing,” said Robo Hendrickson, FullBucket’s marketing & sales director. “However, in many nations around the world, there just is no help. Ignorance and poverty reign supreme in these situations. We are providing our time and a specially formulated supplement to these animals in need.”

Franklin said, “Dr. Keith and I made our first trip with the Equitarian Initiative to Mexico during the initial Workshop in 2011. It taught us how to organize and manage our own trips. The next year we (FullBucket) were able to return with the Equitarians and provide over two tons of supplement to these animals. We had the supplement formulated by working with the University of Mexico’s (UNAM) Equine Director Dr. Mariano Gil. His students went to the areas most in need and conducted stool and soil samples. We then made a formula that would address the needs of the specific region. This was a very volcanic region and the soil and feed stuffs are deficient in many essential vitamins and minerals. For sustainability, we are working more with UNAM’s students in their regional programs for continuing distribution.”

Latson added, “As we grow the support system, we’ll grow our giving program. Many of the current assistant programs rely on donations and government support. We wanted to build a business that could sustain a program without outside influence or reliance. In the future, this will allow flexibility and quick decision making on our part.”

The cofounders have created a way for anyone to get involved through their “get plugged in” program. Find out more by visiting

Those dedicated veterinarians are speaking about their endeavor and ambition of combining a business life with a personal desire to do good through philanthropy. You can learn more by visiting the website

To learn more FullBucket Digestive Care products and their Giving Initiative, visit; contact Robo Hendrickson at or call 817-846-7819.






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