ACTHA Goes Non Profit

To bring in the New Year the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, ACTHA, a Texas Limited Liability Company, has announced that it has filed for non-profit status.

“The 501(c)(3) status has been filed and ACTHA will commence as a Texas nonprofit corporation in 2015.” So states Carrie Scrima, the originator of the popular format giving recognition to all trail horses.

It’s hard to believe that in just short of seven years ACTHA has emerged as one of the largest holder of equine competitions in the world. What started as Carrie and some of her friends totting materials and obstacles to and from everywhere to support various charities, has evolved into an international phenomenon. Fun trail horse activities are taking place every single weekend across America in virtually every state and now in every province of Canada events will be offered.

“With the ultimate goal being to help as many unwanted horses as possible by creating a huge secondary market for their absorption into the work place, we had to ask ourselves… can this goal be achieved faster and more efficiently as a nonprofit. The answer became clear…yes.

“We believe the net cost of becoming an ACTHA member and doing business in general with ACTHA will be enhanced and therefore help our quest for higher and higher volume. With that volume we get closer to accomplishing our ultimate mission…100% equine employment once again in the history of the United States.

“We are humbled by the overwhelming support we have received from the trail rider community and the equine industry at large. (And now even sources outside the industry from companies like True Value Hardware and some new automotive and financial concerns about to be announced).

“We hope this move will make doing business with ACTHA even more attractive and successful for all.”

All the traditional charitable contribution efforts of ACTHA will continue, such as gifting 20% of ACTHA’s gross share of member rider’s income rescues, therapeutic riding centers and eligible charities of all kinds. Those individual charities as always being chosen by the host of the individual events.

The charitable giving will actually amplify as ACTHA continues its success and assumes the eventual role of a foundation issuing funding to causes like scholarships, other organizations who wish to accelerate the absorption of unwanted horses via “their” special programs and in general to many worthwhile methods to protect and employ the horse.

ACTHA’s Mission

  • To create an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse and granting them the recognition they so richly deserve.
  • To create a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction.
  • To create and enable humane treatment and employment options for horses in need.






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