Agreement Reached Between FEI and IDRC

LAUSANNE (SUI) — JUNE 4, 2012 — The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the International Dressage Riders Club (IDRC) are happy to announce that agreement has been reached on the differences between them concerning athlete representation, governance of the IDRC and the two removed IDRC members. As a result of this agreement, proceedings to suspend the IDRC have been dropped and a hearing before the FEI Bureau scheduled for 7 June has been cancelled.

Both parties have agreed to a three-point plan that will be put into effect immediately:

The IDRC will allow both athletes previously removed from membership, Luis Lucio Perez (ESP) and Maria Ines Garcia Cuellar (COL) to be members of the IDRC again without any restrictions;

The IDRC and the FEI Legal Department will cooperate in drafting proposed changes to the IDRC Statutes that will be presented for adoption at the next IDRC General Assembly;

IDRC President, Kyra Kyrklund, will be immediately appointed by the FEI Bureau as the Athletes’ Representative to the FEI Dressage Committee on an interim basis, until such time as a permanent appointment is made.

“It was important for the sport, particularly in an Olympic year, that this matter was resolved in an amicable way and we are very happy that this agreement is substantially in line with the proposals we made to the IDRC some months ago,” FEI Secretary General Ingmar De Vos said. “We look forward to working closely with the IDRC and welcome the Club’s President Kyra Kyrklund in her new role as Athletes’ Representative on the Dressage Committee.”

“The Club’s goal has always been the riders’ right of representation on the Dressage Committee and we are delighted that we have reached agreement with the FEI so that the athletes’ voices can be heard before the Olympic Games this summer”, IDRC President Kyra Kyrklund commented.



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