AHC Webinar on Microchipping Horses

The American Horse Council will have a webinar on equine microchipping on May 14.

Microchips could replace tattoos and brands for identifying horses.

The AHC is pleased to announce that the topic for its second quarter webinar for 2018 will be Microchipping. The webinar will take place on Monday, May 14, at 3:00 pm ET.

Presenting will be Angela Pelzel-McCluskey, DVM, MS, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA); TC Lane from the United States Trotting Association (USTA); and Ashley Furst, Director of the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC).

Dr. McCluskey is an Equine Epidemiologist for USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Services, and will present on the “Traceability of Equine Microchips” and demonstrate some of the successes and challenges encountered when a horse with a chip is found and efforts are made to try to trace that chip to figure out who the horse is. 

TC Lane is the Director of Registry and Member Services for the USTA, and will be presenting a new microchipping requirement that the USTA will be putting into place where in 2019 all foals will be required to be implanted with a microchip. The microchips would replace freeze brands and lip tattoos as means of identification for Standardbreds.

Finally, UHC Director Ashley Furst will discuss the new program “Operation Chip” introduced in January 2018. The program currently provides free microchips and registration of that microchip to stallions getting gelded through the Operation Gelding program.

The webinar is open to both AHC members and non-members—we encourage everyone to attend! 

To register for the webinar, please click here

The webinar lasts approximately one hour and will allow for Q&A at the end of each speaker’s presentation. If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Furst at We look forward to having you join us for our second quarter webinar!






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