Andis to Host Creative Equine Grooming Exhibition at Midwest Horse Fair

Plan to attend the Andis Creative Equine Grooming Exhibition during the Midwest Horse Fair on April 21-23, 2017.

To create a one-of-a-kind forum for groomers to showcase their talent, Andis is inviting all equine enthusiasts with a passion for creative grooming to attend the Andis Creative Equine Grooming Exhibition during the Midwest Horse Fair on April 21-23, 2017. Recognized as one of the largest three-day horse fairs in the country, the Alliant Energy Center’s annual event encourages all exhibitors to integrate this year’s “Wonder Horse” theme into each equine demonstration.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Midwest Horse Fair to host an equine grooming exhibition to feature top industry talent,” said Karen Formico, Vice President of Marketing for Andis. “The Andis Creative Equine Grooming Exhibition is an opportunity to highlight the increasingly popular art of creative grooming. The surge in bespoke grooming designs has become a major trend, and we look forward to seeing these artists display their inspirational work.”

Throughout the weekend, Andis Grooming Educators Dana Boyd Miller, Cat Hill and England’s Melody Hames, with Brand Ambassador Katie Strickland, will showcase individual grooming techniques and offer demonstrations and advice on how to transform traditional clips into artistic masterpieces. Their final grooms, to be completed on April 23, will then be presented for voting on Andis Grooming’s Facebook page. Each voter will subsequently be entered to receive one of the winning educator’s favorite grooming products.

At this year’s fair, Andis plans to release its new Artistic Grooming Trimmer to Midwest Horse Fair attendees who sign up at the company’s booth. Once registered, all entrants will then be eligible to compete in the Creative Equine Grooming Competition at the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair.

Space is limited, and attendees are encouraged to visit the Andis booth 3924 early. For more information on the Midwest Horse Fair, please visit

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