APHA Incentive Means Substantial Savings for Older Horse Registrations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — MAR. 28, 2013 — American Paint Horse Association registration fees for older horses are now more affordable, thanks to the registration special currently offered. Older horses with at least one Paint parent who are eligible for either Regular Registry or Solid Paint-Bred registration are impacted, and any APHA member may take advantage of this special pricing.

Horses eligible for Regular Registry ages 2 and older may be registered for just $100, while horses ages 3 and older who are eligible for Solid Paint-Bred registration may be registered for $50. Members who choose to complete the registration online can save up to $400 when registering Regular Registry horses ages 2 and older and $50 when registering Solid Paint-Breds ages 3 and older. Horses with two Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred parents, commonly called cropout horses, are not eligible for this registration incentive. For a complete registration fee schedule, see the 2013-2014 Official APHA Rule Book.

Registration applications can be downloaded at apha.com/forms/registration-forms, or the registration process can be completed through APHA Online.

To register a horse online, log onto aphaonline.org and select “Foal Registration” from the drop-down bar at the right. Only the recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling can register a foal online. Gather the following items needed to complete the online registration process:

  • APHA membership identification number and pin
  • Breeder’s certificate control number (Provided on the preprinted breeders certificate mailed to the stallion owner or can be obtained by clicking “Start” and “Find your BC;” then entering the registration number for the Sire/Dam and breeding year.)
  • Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred mares must be enrolled for breeding.
  • Breeding must be pre-released by the stallion owner.
  • Digital photographs must be saved in a .jpg format, at least 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Method of payment (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)

Online horse registrations can be completed in five steps:

  • Enter the foaling details, like location foaled and sex of the horse.
  • Horse identification information, like color, coat pattern, identification remarks.
  • Name your horse, and provide 3 unique name choices. Select the name search link at public access to assist with name selection.
  • Upload your foal’s required photographs—all four sides.
  • Upload additional photographs.

Take advantage of the limited-time older horse registration incentive today. As with all transactions, APHA’s team of MemberCare professionals is ready to answer any questions. If further assistance is required, call (817) 222-6423 or email [email protected].



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