AQHA Announces Health Requirements for Horses at the 2012 AQHA World Championship Shows

THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE JOURNAL — JUNE 13, 2012 — All horses entering the grounds of the 2012 American Quarter Horse Association world championship shows must have current (30-day) original health certificates, as well as original negative Coggins tests dated within the last 12 months of the show. This includes horses that originate from the state where the show is being held. The results on health certificates and Coggins papers should indicate the horse’s registered name.

Horses affected by or having been exposed to any contagious disease during the 30 days preceding the world championship show will be excluded from the grounds.

All horses (whether entered or not) and livestock that enter the grounds are subject to examination by AQHA officials/designated representatives and/or state officials (collectively “officials”) for determining whether such animals are, have been infected/exposed, or are likely to be infected with an infectious or contagious disease. If after such examination, such officials have reason to believe that an animal’s health condition places other animals at risk, such officials, at their sole discretion, may quarantine such animal (and others that may have been infected/exposed) or, if appropriate, require that such animals be transported off the grounds.

AQHA is not requiring a negative blood test for equine piroplasmosis for the 2012 AQHA world championship shows. Should this change, health requirements by show will be announced at:

In addition to AQHA’s health requirements, owners should consult the health requirements of the state(s) through which their horse is traveling. A list of veterinary services area offices from across the United States can be found at

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