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The American Quarter Horse Journa — March 19, 2012 — has always been the best online source for all things American Quarter Horse. Now, with the addition of AQHA Video, it is the best source for videos that offer a deep look into the all-encompassing American Quarter Horse breed, the industry and the influential people within it. AQHA Video is free to view any time of day.

This addition to was designed and organized so everyone’s favorite AQHA videos are in one central location, allowing for a simple viewing experience. Powered by YouTube, any AQHA video can be easily shared on a website or re-posted to Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

With six video channels focused on the most popular American Quarter Horse subjects, AQHA Video offers something for everyone’s interests, from the AQHA professional to the new owner.

AQHA Video includes six channels:

Events: AQHA and affiliate events, awards ceremonies and other event coverage

Health: Health tips for the horse and rider – keeping horse and rider healthy and ready to ride

How-To: Training videos from accomplished and experienced AQHA trainers and professionals

People and Horses: Videos highlight American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame members and other influential people and horses in the American Quarter Horse industry

Racing: The latest news from America’s fastest athlete

Ranches: Chronicles the everyday life of American Quarter Horse ranch owners and their livestock

In addition to the six channels, AQHA Video devotes a special section to the AQHA news webcast. Each week, AQHA news anchor and multi-media specialist, Billy Loftin, will inform viewers on all of the latest happenings.

Thanks to AQHA’s corporate partners, including SmartPak, Bank of America, Pfizer Animal Health, Tractor Supply Co., John Deere and FedEx, every video episode is available 24/7 with no subscriptions or fees. Just another way AQHA corporate partners make AQHA membership worthwhile. Check out all of the discounts, special offers and promotions offered exclusively to AQHA members by AQHA’s corporate partners.

Be sure to visit every week to watch the newest AQHA videos. Follow @AQHAvideo on Twitter, too!

AQHA news and information is a service of AQHA publications. For more information on The American Quarter Horse Journal or America’s Horse, visit AQHA Publications.

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