Arenus Announces Release of Colic Assurance Program

For over a decade, veterinarians and horse owners nationwide have trusted the Assure System products from Arenus to provide unmatched digestive health, colic prevention and wellness for their horses.After much anticipation, Arenus is proud to announce the addition of the Colic Assurance Program to their impressive lineup.

“Plain and simple; we’re able to offer these incredible benefits because we know our products work.The Assure System began in the field within my own practice to solve the chronic digestive problems I was seeing so often, and it’s grown to be trusted by the veterinary community to do just that,” says Dr. Jay Altman, CEO and founding veterinarian of Arenus.

The patented, research proven Assure System products have long provided solutions to common, challenging, equine digestive health problems.Now, with the introduction of the Colic Assurance Program, horse owners and veterinarians can take even more comfort in knowing that their horses are protected by a colic reimbursement program whose benefits are untouched by any other.

Arenus’ Colic Assurance Program is the only program to offer: 

· Up to $10,000 in reimbursement benefits

· Medical and surgical colic reimbursement benefits

· Coverage for horses with a prior history of colic

· Coverage for horses with a prior history of colic surgery

· Coverage while horses are traveling internationally

· Ability to purchase through Arenus, veterinarians and qualified retailers

Full program information and enrollment forms can be found online at

Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and supported by a team of animal health specialists, Arenus products deliver more than what you think your animal could be receiving; they provide what your animal needs, whether healthy or ill. This is because Arenus is centered on the core belief of supporting complete animal care solutions, with deep passion and exact science. For more information on Arenus, visit






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