Arenus Offers 20% Off on Equilite Herbal Supplements Through May

Spring has sprung and Arenus is proud to offer 20% off their full line of Equilite Herbal supplements through May 31st! Trusted by industry professionals and formulated by Sore No-More creator and expert herbalist, Stacey Small, these herbal supplements provide the purest, most effective formulations available.

  • Ani-Motion: An all-natural, herbal alternative to support your horse’s joint health throughout performance and aging while increasing longevity and improving comfort levels.
  • Bleeders Blend: Naturally supports respiratory health by promoting lung elasticity and proper clotting while lessening the discomfort associated with chronic pulmonary conditions. 
  • Citrus C/Q: Offers a holistic approach to support the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems to the fullest. Hastens recovery times and combines well with other supplements.
  • Equinacea: Give your horse the herbal boost their immune system needs. The ideal supplement to support horses through allergy season, travel and stressful situations.
  • FlyAway Garlic: This 100% cold pressed garlic supplement provides unrivaled protection from insects throughout the season and limits the need for harmful sprays and insecticides.
  • Garli+C: The first supplement to combine the power of cold pressed garlic and vitamin C, harnessing the unparalleled immune support of both ingredients in a palatable formula. 
  • PrePro: 10 billion CFU per 10 gram serving gives this supplement the most concentrated microbial count of any available and includes pre and probiotics as well as a full supply of digestive enzymes.
  • Relax Blend: An all-natural alternative to calming the nervous or reactive horse in an effective manner that allows for enhanced training and increased focus.
  • RelaxHer Blend: Specially formulated to address a mare’s specific needs, this herbal supplement limits behavioral problems while regulating hormonal imbalances.
  • Valerian Free Relax Blend: The perfect choice for the competitor, this valerian free calming supplement is FEI and USEF compliant while retaining the effectiveness of the original formulation.

With modern society trending heavily toward homeopathic remedies, May is the perfect time to give these supplements a try. Newly redesigned packaging and highly concentrated formulas ensure concise information and great value while guaranteeing efficacy. Arenus, the leader in animal health supplements, has the quality products you’ve come to trust and the Equilite Herbals are no exception. Find the holistic solution you’re looking for today!

Arenus has been a leader in the animal health products industry since 2007 and offers research backed, health solutions for companion animals as well as competitive animal athletes. Their Assure System digestive conditioning line has been a staple in the equine industry since its launch and they have since added proven solutions for equine structural support, respiratory, immune and reproductive health to their line. Arenus also offers a complete line of herbal health solutions and ceramic therapies for both companion and competitive animals. For more information on Arenus, visit






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