Arenus Offers Professional Nutritional Consultation

As a leader in the animal health industry, Arenus has always placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of quality, balanced nutrition to complement their product line. While free consults have always been available to their current and prospective clientele, the company has taken steps to make scheduling these consults easier and more accessible.

Brady Karren, MS, Arenus’ Vice President of Global Nutrition and Sales, is an equine nutritionist by trade and will open his calendar to the equine community for nutritional consults and product advice. Available in 15 minute blocks, interested horse owners and veterinarians can schedule time around their own busy schedules by visiting the online scheduling assistant.

“Whether you’re a client of ours or not, that doesn’t matter. My goal is to help you develop a nutritional program and find solutions that work for you and your horse,” said Brady.

Brady received his Bachelors degree in Animal Science from Brigham Young University, where he worked closely with professors on equine nutritional studies. Following his time at BYU, he received a Masters degree in Animal Science, specializing in Equine Nutrition, from Texas A&M University. His professional career has been focused on furthering the long-term health and maintenance of our equine athletes and companions.

In addition to horse owners, Brady gladly offers consults to the equine veterinary community as well as current and interested dealers.

“If you need to talk hay and grain, have a specific problem you’re troubleshooting and simply need another opinion or have a question on our products, we’re here to help,” Brady continued.

Consultations are available Monday through Friday and a variety of times are offered in an effort to meet the needs of owners and veterinarians. To schedule your consult, visit the scheduling assistant.

Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and supported by a team of animal health specialists, Arenus products deliver more than what you think your animal could be receiving; they provide what your animal needs, whether healthy or ill. This is because Arenus is centered on the core belief of supporting complete animal care solutions, with deep passion and exact science. For more information on Arenus, visit






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