Auction of Parelli-Trained Horses Raises More Than $96,000

Seven horses, donated by the Atwood Ranch and trained for the past year by Parelli Professionals, were auctioned off this past weekend at the Parellil Education Institute’s Pagosa Springs, Colorado, campus as part of the Road to the Summit. When the final bids were in, more than $96,000 was raised, with 70% of the proceeds going to the non-profit Parelli Education Institute and 30% going to the instructors to help offset the costs of feed, veterinary, horse care and travel that they incurred during the year of training.

“It was thrilling to see what a great job the Parelli Professionals had done working with and training their horses,” said Parelli Education Institute Executive Director Lori Northrup. “And when the final moments of the auction took place, it was clear people placed a high value on these beautiful horses.”

The horses, their trainers, and the winning bidders were as follows:

AR Cats A Blazin: “Jesse James” was trained by Jerilyn Caldwell and purchased by Debbie Olsen of Potomac, MD
AR How Bouta Date: “Bart” was trained by Maurice Thibault and purchased by Arva Steele of Downey, ID
AR Sanamac: “Mac” was trained by Erin Fowle and purchased by Caroline Rowell of Celina, TX
AR Dashin Thru Bars: “Wyatt” was trained by Jake Biernbaum and purchased by Amy Podlogar of Dodgeville, WI
AR Especial Cabernet: “Gator” was trained by Margit Deerman and purchased by Cheryl Almasy of Mount Morris, PA
AR Ima Blonde Buck: “Snoopy” was trained by Kathy & John Baar and purchased by Hyla Sorensen Weiss of Ocean Springs, MS
AR Houston Skyline: “Houston” was trained by Jody & David Ellis and purchased by Jill Holmes of Banner Elk, NC
An eighth horse, AR Bound for Silver (“JoyFul”) was trained by Teri Sprauge, but was removed from the auction due to soundness issues.

Catherine Sapienza, who, along with her husband, Mike, manages the Atwood Ranch, said, “The Road to the Summit auction was a win-win! The horses win, the professionals win, the Institute wins and the highest bidders won the grand prize! This event truly highlighted the success of natural horsemanship and its relevance to the industry as a whole.”

“We are so thankful to the Atwood Ranch, the Parelli Professions who trained the horses, and those who purchased the horses,” added Northrup. “It was a wonderful weekend at the Summit, and we know those who purchased these horses are going to enjoy working with them. Thanks to everyone for their support.”

The Parelli Education Institute is an independent, non-profit organization for the natural horsemanship community that focuses on education for those who teach others; for youth horsemanship, therapeutic horsemanship and equine welfare. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Institute has a campus in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and also offers specialty horsemanship education in other locations around the USA.






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