BANIXX Contributes to the Rehab of Seven Blind Mustang Stallions

In late November of 2016, Jane DeMeulemester, owner of Banixx Horse & Pet Care, heard about a large rescue of horses in North Dakota that included seven blind Mustang stallions. These elderly equines were not halter broke, lived in a semi-wild state, and had been taken in by This Old Horse, a sanctuary in Hastings, Minnesota. The plight of all the horses, but in particular these elderly stallions, compelled her to reach out to the sanctuary.

“We all feel a deep sorrow when horses require rescue from a neglectful situation and these seven blind Mustang stallions really touched me. Having been traumatized and in need of medical care, I felt that Banixx, since it’s odorless, has no sting and is non-toxic, was the perfect product to be introduced to them.” Ms DeMeulemester continues, “We contacted This Old Horse, found out their immediate needs and quickly put together a shipment of Banixx Hoof & Wound Spray, as well as our Banixx Shampoo, which is not yet available to the public. We are here to support these good people and hope that our contribution helps make the transition a little easier for these incredible animals.”

Banixx has a long history of supporting rescues for all animals and regularly reaches out to groups in need. With its strong anti-infective properties coupled with being non-toxic, odorless, stainless and having no sting, it’s the perfect topical spray for sensitive and immune compromised rescue animals. 

Banixx, a division of Sherborne Corporation, is #1 in first aid for horse and pet owners. Chosen by Horse Journal as the Top Product Of The Year, Banixx fights infections associated with wounds, fungus, rain rot, ringworm, hot spots, dog ear infections, scratches (mud fever), abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial & fungal infections, and secondary infections from bug bites and itches. In addition to be being highly effective in treating a wide variety of infections, Banixx is non-toxic, odorless, colorless, does not sting, will not stain or discolor fur/hair, does not kill live tissue, and contains no essential oils, making it safe to use on sensitive animals such as cats, birds, alpacas, llamas, and reptiles. Banixx is available nationally through retails stores and online catalogs, and can also be purchased in China, Central America, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. For more information on Banixx, please visit or email Jane DeMeulemester at, or call us at 877-944-0795. Please contact Jane for high-resolution photograph requests. And be sure to join our lively Facebook page with over 26,000 fans.






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