FOLLOW US Launches Cavalor Partnership Alongside New Features is thrilled to announce the launch of their partnership with Cavalor feed and supplement products as well as introduce several new features to streamline and enhance their users’... is thrilled to announce the launch of their partnership with Cavalor feed and supplement products as well as introduce several new features to streamline and enhance their users’ experience, including a mass upload feature and an improved dashboard. streamlines barn organization and allows managers to best utilize their most valuable commodity—their time. Using allows managers to have all of their barn’s important information at their fingertips with easy to use web-based software.

Users can access from their computer, smartphone or tablet to create detailed horse profiles, track medical records and training programs, schedule appointments, and more. eliminates the endless paper trail that leads to important information being misplaced and lost. is proud to partner with Cavalor Premium Feeds and Supplements. Information for all of Cavalor’s products will be automatically displayed in the feed and supplement category of each user’s account. Price comparison options and complete product information on the Cavalor website are just a click away.

The partnership between and Cavalor was a natural one as both companies strive to simplify life in the barn by delivering innovative, high-quality products.

“Cavalor’s core values are: Innovation, Quality, and Results,” said Nara de Sa Guimares, Director of Marketing for Cavalor Premium Feeds and Supplements. “ embodies our core values by providing innovative and top-of-the-line management solutions for barns across the United States. provides successful business results through the simplification and organization of equine operation.” has a newly implemented mass upload feature that vastly improves the initial set-up process. Instead of entering each horse, rider, and owner individually, users can now import all of their information in one easy step.

Users download a spreadsheet from, fill out all of their barn’s information on one simple screen, then leave it to to upload all of the information into their account instantly.

Upgrades to the dashboard configuration have also been made to allow users to completely customize how they view their account upon signing in. Users can now show as much—or as little—detail as they prefer, instantly putting their barn’s information at their fingertips. is easier to use than ever thanks to its newly updated features. Stop wasting time chasing an endless paper trail trying to keep track of your important information. Sign up for a free trial today at to revolutionize the management of your stable. is an easy-to-use web-based software designed to organize and streamline every barn’s program. Users can track horses’ work schedules, medical records, create monthly invoices, and manage their barn’s entire calendar from their computer or mobile device. Discover more features and try it risk-free at






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