BreyerWest Partners with Northwest Horse Fair

BreyerWest, Breyer’s semi-annual West Coast event, has partnered with Northwest Horse Fair & Expo in Albany, Oregon, this year to bring Breyer’s special brand of model horse/real horse magic to Oregon for the first time! Northwest Horse Fair and Expo will be held March 18-20, 2016, at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany. BreyerWest will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 18-20, from approximately 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

BreyerWest will feature a rich mixture of workshops, model horse shows, seminars, demonstrations, exhibitions, meet & greets with Breyer equine sculptors and free activities for children. The event will also include a special appearance by Breyer portrait model Smokin Double Dutch, a Supreme Champion Quarter Pony, and owner Tami Platt.

Serious model horse showers will be competing in the open model horse show on Friday, March 18. The show is sold out, but spectators may watch the competition. Free Stablemates Painting will be offered from approximately 10:00-6:00 on Friday.

On Saturday, March 19, events will include a Breyer Vintage Customs exhibition and voting, a seminar on Equine Color Genetics by Leslie Kathman, author of The Equine Tapestry Book Series; a seminar on Breyer Collectability; a number of free hands-on “How To” sessions on model horse showing; free Stablemates painting classes; a workshop on making “pony pouches,” a sculpting demonstration by Karen Gerhardt (who sculpted Breyer’s Cleveland Bay model) and for youth and novice showers, a model horse show just for them.

On Sunday, March 20, the fun continues with free Stablemates Painting for children all day; a workshop on customizing basics by Stacy Quick and Bethany Shaw; demonstrations by Shana Bobbit on prepping your models for customizing; and a workshop on making a leather halter by accomplished tack maker Jennifer Buxton.

Model Horse Hobby ambassador Cheryl Wood will host an “open mic” all weekend to answer questions on everything you wanted to know about the model horse hobby.

Tickets to BreyerWest are included with your ticket purchase to Northwest Horse Fair. There is a fee of $15 for workshops for which you can register on site. The Open Model Horse Show is sold out, but there are a few available slots for the Youth and Novice Show on Saturday. Both model horse shows are being managed by Erin Corbett.

For ticket purchases, please visit: Tickets

For detailed BreyerWest schedule, please visit: BreyerWest

Breyer Animal Creations is a division of Reeves International (, a family-owned, NJ-based toy manufacturer and distributor. Breyer, founded in 1950, celebrates the horse and other animals, dedicating itself to the creation of authentic and realistic model horses for play and collecting. Breyer is one of America’s most iconic toy brands and its ‘portrait’ models of horse heroes and animals like Secretariat, Black Beauty, The Black Stallion, RinTinTin and Lassie have inspired children of all ages to love animals. Breyer’s partnerships with publishers like Scholastic and Macmillan Children’s Publishing and studios like Universal (Seabiscuit); DreamWorks (Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Dreamer), and Touchstone Pictures (Hidalgo) have provided a base from which to create new content and play forms for children inspiring a world of imagination and creativity. Visit us at or call 800-413-3348 to learn more about the model horse hobby and Breyer Animal Creations.






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