Buckeye Nutrition: Century-Old Feed Manufacturer Offers Quality Equine Nutrition Products

June 29, 2013 — Horses know how good Buckeye Nutrition is, and so do horse owners. For more than 100 years, Buckeye Nutrition has been producing horse feed of unsurpassed quality, perfecting the art and science of equine nutrition.

“Through the implementation of many programs mandated in human food manufacturing facilities, we rely on local farms for quality grain to make our feed the best it can be,” said Ryan Brown, marketing manager, Mars Horsecare US Inc. “Just one look at a Buckeye Nutrition horse and it’s no secret what feed he’s on.”

With 32 formulations, there’s a Buckeye Nutrition feed for virtually every horse to compliment health, condition, activity level and age. Feeds include EQ8 Gut Health, Ultimate Finish and Gro ’n Win–the original ration balancer. The only equine feed on the market to feature live probiotics, EQ8 Gut Health is scientifically formulated to optimize digestive balance in mature horses. Specifically formulated to increase body condition, Ultimate Finish also improves endurance and produces a glossier hair coat. Gro ’n Win along with forage will supply horses with all the essential nutrients needed without excess calories or use of costly supplements. A full listing of Buckeye Nutrition products is available online at www.BuckeyeNutrition.com.

“Buckeye Nutrition has fed millions of horses, including Kentucky Derby Winners, reining and hunter-jumper champions, winners in pleasure and trail, and backyard companions,” said Ed Yuhas, general manager, Mars Horsecare US Inc. “We will continue to prosper by providing the highest quality products to horses and their owners.”

The first Buckeye Nutrition mill began production in 1910 in Massillon, Ohio. As a one-mill operation now located in Dalton, Ohio, Buckeye Nutrition maintains tight control over every phase of production, from sourcing local raw ingredients to inspecting every bag that leaves the facility. Since Buckeye Nutrition has annually received certification for Safe Feed/Safe Food by the American Feed Industry Association. To ensure that every bag of Buckeye Nutrition feed is consistent, nutritious and safe, the following steps are taken:

  • Exceed FDA requirements on mycotoxin testing for all raw materials;
  • Inspect every load of raw ingredients, accounting for more than 70 inspections per month;
  • Conduct visual inspection for foreign material;
  • Scan every bag leaving the mill to optimize consumer satisfaction;
  • Test for moisture content to reduce the incidence of mold.

Today, the Ohio-based company operates as Mars Horsecare US Inc. with products marketed under the Buckeye Nutrition brand. The company was purchased in September 2005 by the family owned company Mars, Inc., a global leader in confections such as Snickers and M&M’S and pet nutrition, incuding Nutro and Royal Canin. Mars Horsecare US Inc. employs nearly 60 people, primarily in Dalton, with its products distributed through an independent dealer network.

For more information about Buckeye Nutrition and to find a local dealer, visit www.BuckeyeNutrition.com or call the Buckeye Nutrition care line at 800-898-9467.

Headquartered in Dalton, Ohio, Buckeye® Nutrition has been manufacturing quality animal feed since 1910. Buckeye Nutrition produces a complete line of horse and livestock feed utilizing an integrated process that incorporates state-of-the art equipment and extensive quality control measures to ensure superior products. The company constantly works with veterinarians, university researchers and nutritionists nationwide to provide highly digestive feeds that promote each animal’s health and well-being.



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