Buckeye Nutrition Introduces EQ8 Senior

Buckeye Nutrition introduces EQ8 Senior, a scientifically formulated feed designed to help keep the digestive system of a senior horse healthy. Backed by independent university studies1,2, EQ8 Senior promotes the gut health of senior horses while meeting their dietary needs at the same time.

“Many senior horses are able to maintain body condition and good health on normal maintenance rations. However, some begin to show signs of aging and require special dietary considerations,” said Amber Moffett, manager of research and development, Mars Horsecare US, Inc. “EQ8 Senior provides highly digestible ingredients that are nutrient dense in a lower starch and sugar formula.”

Featuring this new formulation, EQ8 Senior is designed specifically for senior horses, including those with metabolic issues that require restricted levels of starch and sugar. EQ8TM Senior helps keep the digestive system healthy through a combination of:

  • Steamed and pressure cooked grains to minimize risk of sugar and starch reaching the large intestine
  • Guaranteed live probiotics to help protect the intestine from harmful bacteria
  • Guaranteed levels of lysine, methionine and threonine
  • Additional selenium plus vitamin E and balanced sources of Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids

“With 70% of a horse’s immunity coming from the digestive system, EQ8 Senior features live probiotic species to help senior horses create a barrier of protection against harmful bacteria,” said Moffett. “Along with the live probiotics, EQ8 Senior is different than other senior feeds because it features guaranteed levels of antioxidants, additional selenium and vitamin E, and important fatty acids aimed to help reduce inflammation and support a horse’s immune function.”

For more information, visit or call the Buckeye Nutrition Care Line at 800-898-9467.

1. Longland, A.C.; Barfoot, C.; and Harris, P.A. 2011. The apparent digestibility of hay and three concentrate feeds by exercised ponies. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 31: 230-356.
2. Harlow, B. E. 2012. Changes to the Equine Hindgut Microflora in Response to Antibiotic Challenge. Masters Thesis. University of Kentucky.

Headquartered in Dalton, Ohio, Buckeye Nutrition has been manufacturing quality animal feed since 1910. Buckeye Nutrition produces a complete line of horse and livestock feed utilizing an integrated process that incorporates state-of-the art equipment and extensive quality control measures to ensure superior products. The company constantly works with veterinarians, university researchers and nutritionists nationwide to provide highly digestive feeds that promote each animal’s health and well-being.






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