Certified Horsemanship Association Produces New Educational DVDs for Riding Instructors and Horse Owners

Please visit the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) online store at to see all the new educational DVDs produced by CHA available for purchase.

The CHA Effective Horsemanship Series is broken down into four categories of DVD topics–Riding Instruction, Horse and Rider Psychology, Herd Management and Horsemanship Specialties. These DVDs are for the professional riding instructor, the riding student and the overall horse enthusiast. Enjoy!

Riding Instruction

These DVDs are beneficial for both Riding Instructors and Riding Students. Each contains a couple of live clinic presentations covering a variety of topics designed to improve the rider’s equitation and communication with their horse. Instructors will find many gold nuggets to improve their instruction and teaching techniques. Riders will find many new ideas to apply to their own riding.

  • Developing Rider’s Seat / Quick Corrections for Position
  • Jumping 101 / Development of the Lesson Horse
  • Centered Riding for Instructors
  • Mounted Games / Lessons for Visual & Kinesthetic Learners
  • Lesson Exercises for Various Level Riders / Lunge Line Exercises
  • Ttouch for your Students / Feldenkrais Method
  • “Soft Touch” Training / Moving the Four Quarters of the Horse
  • Teaching Techniques / Adding to Your Teaching “Bag of Tricks”
  • Using Obstacles to Spice Up Lessons
  • Developing “Feel” in Riders / Communication Through Feel & Timing
  • Through the Back and On the Bit / Lengthening & Collecting Exercises for All Levels
  • Using Ground Poles & Cones to Improve Riding / Exercises to Improve Responsiveness & Balance

Horse and Rider Psychology

These DVDs look into the way horse’s think and react and the rider/horse interactive relationship. Each contains a couple of live clinic presentations covering topics specifically designed to encourage critical thinking in the way the human/horse relationship is developed.

  • Relationship Training for Humans Taught to You by Your Horse
  • Desensitizing Your Horse the Mounted Police Way / Reducing Stress During Handling
  • Police Academy Training / Mental Preparation for the Rider

Herd Management

These DVDs each contain live clinic presentations on topics geared toward the care and use of our equine partners. They specifically address the needs of managing a herd that is used for lesson programs, striving to make their lives more comfortable.

  • Bits & Bitting / Dental Care for the Older Horse
  • Saddle Fit Solutions for Group Riding Programs
  • Body Condition Scoring

Horsemanship Specialties

These DVDs address specialties within the horse industry. Each contains live clinic presentations addressing many aspects of a particular topic. Many deal with specialties that CHA has a developed informative program as well as that offer CHA Certification.

  • Pack and Trail Essentials
  • Ins and Outs of Vaulting
  • Driving 101
  • Reining Basics for All Levels/Using Reining Horses to Teach Reining Techniques






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