CHA to Feature Susan Berger and Shellie Carmoney on its October Horses in the Morning Radio Show

This month, CHA has two informative featured guests for the Horses in the Morning Radio Show, which will air the third Tuesday of this month, October 20, 2015. The October show will discuss Working with At-Risk Youth in a Riding Program with our two featured guests: CHA Clinic Staff and Master Instructors Susan Berger and Shellie Carmoney. As always, the show is sure to be informative and entertaining as CHA’s CEO Christy Landwehr and Glenn the Geek, founder of Horses in the Morning, talk about the featured topic and more at 9 a.m. Eastern Time. Listeners can listen live or to a recorded audio file on iTunes,, or through the Horse Radio Network mobile phone app.

As a CHA Certified Master Instructor, CHA Clinic Instructor, and a Clinician, Susan Berger has been teaching group, private and semi-private lessons for more than 25 years in Virginia and Pennsylvania. She has worked with children, youth, and adults at Camp Hebron Meadowview Stables in Halifax, Pennsylvania, for the past 18 years. Camp Hebron provides quality horsemanship education year-round for beginners and novice riders through their summer camp programs, riding lessons in various disciplines for competitive and recreational riders, and guided trail rides. In addition, Camp Hebron serves the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts through an educational program that gives the scouts an opportunity to work on merit badges. Berger started a program that finds horses that are considered “throw aways” and “no longer valuable”, rehabilitates them physically and emotionally, and teaches them how to work through trust issues. Then the program connects them with at-risk children and youth through programs such as Yellow Breeches, YMCA, and private organizations. Berger’s experience has grown from a horse show competitor in her youth to developing safe, effective, and fun programs for her students.

Shellie Carmoney, of Johnston, Iowa, currently works as the Equestrian Program Specialist at Jester Park Equestrian Center in Granger. Her decision to relocate to central Iowa in March of 2014 for the position has allowed her to design programs, organize instructor professional development and other events, and coordinate staff and volunteers at Jester Park. Carmoney runs the center’s At-Risk Youth Program, oversees the stable hands from the Department of Corrections, develops program and therapy horses, and teaches multiple levels of her students in both the able-bodied and therapeutic horsemanship programs. She believes in teaching the “total horse,” regardless of the discipline, the ability, or the background of her students. She is a CHA Certified Master Instructor for both English and Western, certified at Level 3 for riders with disabilities, and is a CHA Assistant Clinic Instructor. Carmoney lives with her sister, a Maltese, and her horse, Aragorn.

For questions on CHA’s segment on the Horses in the Morning radio show or about CHA’s International Conference, please contact CHA’s headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, at 859-259-3399 or

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