Charles Wilhelm’s Ultimate Super Horse Challenge 2016 Competitions Announced

Come watch the fun as the best of the best compete head to head for the title of “Charles Wilhelm’s Ultimate Super Horse.”

A Super Horse can appear in a parade one day, work cows the next, compete in trail equitation, western dressage or working equitation the following day–and more. The Super Horse can do all that with lightness, cadence, carriage, fluidity and responsiveness.

The Super Horse Challenge is designed to challenge the horse and rider to excel in their abilities and to demonstrate communication, horsemanship and equitation. This event rewards people for the time and hard work they have invested in their horses. The competition is not a race, rather the challenge is designed to showcase the rider’s relationship, and the horse’s relaxed lightness and responsiveness with balance/collection throughout the course.

Show the world your Super Horse at one of the 2016 events featured at:
Western States Horse Expo, Pomona – February 4-6, 2016
Northwest Horse Fair & Expo – March 18-20, 2016

One of the great bonuses of having the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge at an Expo is that these horses will be exposed to huge crowds, golf carts, babies crying, horses all around them, bursts of applause, loud speakers–all kinds of environments and noises that you can’t duplicate at home. It’s great exposure and training for the horse.

The overall winner of the multi-day Ultimate Super Horse Challenge will receive a custom Charles Wilhelm’s signature saddle or $1,000 cash and a championship buckle. The second place finisher will receive $500 cash and the top five contestants receive a ribbon and great prizes from the event sponsors, totaling over $5000.

The competition will include a variety of events such as:

  • Dancing with Cows
  • Performance Patterns
  • Cowboy Dressage
  • Trail Equitation
  • Meet & Greet at the front gate of the Expo
  • Super Horse Finale

If you have a Super Horse, join us at one of the upcoming events, go to for entry forms and details on how to enter. Each event is limited to a maximum of 12 riders.

For more information on Charles Wilhelm, the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge, clinics, DVDs, equipment and books, visit






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