Charles Wilhelm’s Ultimate Super Horse Challenge Featured at Horse Expo Pomona

When world-renowned horseman and trainer Charles Wilhelm thought about what a Super Horse really was, in the back of his mind he considered developing a competition that would be both exciting and educational for riders looking for a challenge that would showcase their horse’s ability as well as their own equitation and riding skills in a soft, responsive manner.

The Ultimate Super Horse Challenge sprang forth from Charles’ dedication to teaching his students, and he proudly presented a very successful event at the 2013 Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, California–the course was beautiful, the judges were impressive, the contestants were outstanding, the prizes were over-the-moon, and the crowd went nuts!

Audiences will again be thrilled as Charles presents the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge at Horse Expo Pomona each day, Feb. 6-9, 2014, in Pomona, California.

“After the event in Sacramento people flooded me with requests for another Super Horse competition,” said Charles. “I called Miki Nelsen, who owns both Expos, and she was excited about the idea of having Ultimate Super Horse Challenge at Pomona in 2014. I think having this creative event at such a great horse expo is a wonderful formula for both contestants and the audience.”

The four-day Super Horse competition is not a timed event, but rather showcases the horse in a variety of tasks and exercises, hopefully executed with complete confidence and success. “A Super Horse can appear in a parade one day,” continueed Charles, “work cows the next, compete in Cowboy dressage or Western pleasure the following day, then confidently hit the trail. The Super Horse can do all that with rhythm, suppleness, impulsion, carriage and collection.”

The competition narrows down to the top five finalists who compete head-to-head on Sunday, when the winner is awarded with a custom Charles Wilhelm saddle. The top five finalists are also awarded with valuable prizes and products.

Charles believes in bringing nothing but the best to Horse Expo Pomona, so all Ultimate Super Horse Challenge contestants are pre-qualified via personal or video demonstrations.

To enter the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge at Horse Expo Pomona in Southern California, Feb. 6-9, 2014, visit or call 510-886-9000. Questions can be sent via email to [email protected].

To apply to compete go to

If you are interested in a corporate sponsorship of this event, please contact Kate Riordan at [email protected].

For more information visit the website at

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