Click Horse Products and Sox For Horses Shielding Equine Legs Together

Two great names in equine leg protection have come together for the good of horses. Click Horse Products Inc., the makers of the Hock Shield, and Sox For Horses Inc., the makers of protective Silver Whinnys and Whinny Warmers pull-up equine leg wear, want veterinarians and horse owners to have the best options available for treating hock sores, and other leg and joint injuries.

“We see it as ‘teaming up,’” said Sox For Horses founder, Raymond Petterson. “We share the same goal: delivering workable solutions for the benefit of horses.”

“Many horses suffer from non-healing bed sores on their hocks and fetlocks,” said Shari Click, creator of the Hock Shield ® and Fetlock Shield. “The difficulty is that even if the sores can be healed the new tissue is fragile and can easily reopen. So Silver Whinnys are the bandage to protect the wounds when healing and Hock Shields are the tool to prevent further injury.”

The solution? Like peanut butter and chocolate, Patterson’s Sox For Horses found Click’s Hock Shields perfect to use in concert with silver-embedded SFH Silver Whinnys. The two products combined offer a durable bandaging/protection system that allows wounds to heal while protecting new skin from re-injury. Healing not only occurs, but new skin is given the time it takes to thicken and grow durable.

“We have found the Hock Shield to be the most secure and simple hock protection device offered. When combined with Silver Whinnys deconstructed into a soft tubing, the two are proving to be a winning solution to difficult-to-heal sores,” Petterson added.

A 16-page booklet outlining Sox For Horses products, and their use with Click Horse Products, will launch at the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP) 53rd Annual Ocala Equine Conference, January 22-24. Find Click Horse Products, including Hock Shield, Hock Shield Ultra and Fetlock Shield, at or 831-426-1206.






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