Colorado Horses and Riders Apply Now for Horse Master with Julie Goodnight RFD-TV Show

Julie Goodnight brings her highly acclaimed RFD-TV show to shoot in Colorado in mid July, 2015. Her crew will film at her home ranch near Salida, Colorado. Applications are available at and must be received by June 16, 2015. Julie would like to know about you and your horse and see a short video to show your problem or area to work on. Only eight horse and rider teams will be selected to work with Julie and be a part of a Horse Master episode. The shooting site will be closed to viewers and auditors. Apply today!

We’re looking for a few good horses and their owners to star in the weekly TV series, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight and airing each Monday afternoon and night on RFD-TV. This show will feature one horse/rider team in each episode, chosen from applicants that have a problematic or difficult horse and/or want to learn a new skill in order to succeed with their usually pleasant mount. Each episode will revolve around a human with a horse problem or a horse with a human who needs to keep learning to master their horsemanship skills. We’re looking for a broad representation of horses, people, disciplines, breeds and issues. We’ll want to know about your horse’s history—about your relationship and the better “back story” the higher chances of being selected! This show is about the horse-human bond—the real story of a struggle and how to overcome and move on to live out your goals.

Dale Myler will be on hand to help horses by finding the best bit. For his episodes, he is looking for an off the track Thoroughbred who needs to find a new riding bit. We would love to have a horse that flies backward off the trailer or anything new and interesting! Apply now at

What to expect: If chosen, you and your horse will work one-on-one with nationally renowned natural horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight. For more see /

Julie will work with the horse and teach you both how to work better together. You’ll have to make a commitment of two full days during the scheduled time, commit to having you and your horse present and prepared for the show (with our guidance) and to cover your own personal expenses (including your own wardrobe, travel expenses and board at the shot location if applicable).






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