Continuing Education Seminar for Amerigo Dealers, Agents

July 31, 2013 — Amerigo is known for its dedication to pairing the science of biomechanics to saddle fit and design, and recently extended this knowledge to their dealers and agents during a seminar with Amerigo designer Peter Menet. Generously hosted by Eileen Kenney and Wavertree Hall Farm in Afton, VA, World Equestrian Brands was pleased to present the continuing education seminar, June 24-25, for horse professionals, including veterinarians and Amerigo dealers, agents and trainers. World Equestrian Brands, the U.S. distributor for Amerigo, Equilibrium, Vespucci, and EA Matttes products, is always looking for the most cutting edge designs and tack solutions for riders.

“This seminar focused on equine biomechanics and the influence tack has on our performance horses,” said Menet. “We have an excellent, knowledgeable group of U.S. Amerigo dealers and agents, as well as a few veterinarians, who came to continue their education and commitment to better serving clients and their horses.”

Attendees at the clinic also received feedback on tack from two top riders: Olympic eventer Kim Severson and international dressage rider Ali Brock. Both are sponsored by World Equestrian Brands and use Amerigo, Vespucci, EA Mattes and Equilibrim products on their competition horses.

“I believe it was very helpful for everyone to hear from riders at this level, to gain insight through their perspective of how dynamic the influence of tack is at that level of performance. The riders also spoke about their training philosophies and how the Amerigo technical fitting philosophy partners with those goals,” said Robin Moore of World Equestrian Brands. “People from all over the U.S. attended the clinic, and the goal in all of this was to equip our dealers and agents with as much useful information as possible so they will have complete confidence in providing the best saddle fitting solutions for horse and rider. This is something we strive for everyday at World Equestrian Brands.”

World Equestrian Brands is committed to providing world class, high-performance equestrian products with hassle-free, personalized service backed by an experienced of a team of riders. For more information or to view products offered by World Equestrian Brands, visit

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