In Just Six Days Hock Shields Ultra Deliver “Major Results”

“Her pictures and description of her horse’s problem were very typical of what many owners experience,” said Shari Click, creator of the Hock Shield and Hock Shield Ultra for Click Horse Products, after receiving a poignant letter and before/after photos from a newly-won disciple of her durable protection against hock and bed sores.

“This product is truly amazing,” horse owner Michaela Watts wrote. Michaela had recently bought a horse, Kota, who was accustomed to being turned out and, after a couple of weeks using a stall, had developed “some pretty deep” hock sores. “I tried everything to fix it with no results. Then I found your website and bought the Hock Shields Ultras, because he pivots pretty badly when he gets up.” 

“In less than six days after putting them on him, I got major results,” Michaela said, using nothing more than a non- stick gauze pad on the sores under the Hock Shields. “But no medicine. I want to thank you for making such a great product!”

For horses with difficult-to-badage wounds or recurrent sores, long-lasting, neoprene-constructed Hock Shields and Hock Shields Ultra by Click Horse Products are a preferred choice in healing protection by Long Riders Gear and Professional Equine Grooms. Hock Shields, Fetlock Shields, and Fly Veils for the forelock-challenged, are durable, easy to clean and protect horses (and budgets) where it’s needed most. Learn more about Click Horse Products and real life success stories at or call (831) 426-1206.



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