Don’t Get Hosed by the Tube: First Choice in Leg Protection is Still Sox For Horses

20th century American inventor Thomas Edison called necessity the mother of invention and some of today’s most ingenious ideas come from the reduce, re-use and recycle movement. But don’t compromise your horse’s protection and safety with a recycling idea.

Mismatched cotton athletic or ‘tube’ socks are not designed for all-day, all-weather, pull-on protection against biting insects. Or as protection for compromised skin. Recent social media images of these socks (cut open at the toe and slipped over the leg) do not address the fact that cotton socks, manufactured for human feet, are not the best option for your horse.

It’s not the sock. It’s what makes the sock that makes the difference.

“Cheap cotton socks are a notorious ‘petri dish’ of fungus and bacteria,” said Ray Petterson of Sox For Horses, Inc. “That encourage dangerous microbes to propagate with abandon. That’s right. If the socks on your feet are cotton, that stuff may be growing against your skin.”

The first name in dependable equine leg protection for veterinarians and horse owners alike continues to be Sox For Horses, Inc. Studies by veterinarians on horses suffering from hard-to-resolve leg issues have all led to one result: Sox For Horses, Inc. and specifically, its warm weather/biting insect protection horse sock, Summer Whinnys, deliver everything needed to protect legs from biting and disease-carrying insects.

Summer Whinnys don’t stop there. Silver embedded in its yarn maintains a hygienic environment around legs that is useful for reducing dirt, debris and bio-burden near pre-existing wounds.

“Sores and wounds require freedom from infection carried by flies in order to heal,” said Petterson. “Summer Whinnys put all the needed elements of leg protection into play. Air can reach the skin surface and keep it dry and cool. This creates a hostile environment for bacteria and fungus to develop, and the embedded silver in these made-for-horses socks keeps them from becoming that ‘petri dish.’

“Cotton tube socks are cheap, but ask yourself, now that you know what you are putting on your feet, wouldn’t socks made of the same yarns as Summer Whinnys be a better idea?” he continued.

Although Sox For Horses doesn’t make socks for people, they do believe your horse’s legs deserve the best that yarn science has to offer.

“After the positive reception Summer Whinnys received at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine at Gainesville last spring, I know these go beyond great fly protection. They belong in barns year-around, wherever leg and skin protection are needed,” said Petterson.

Responsible ingenuity is supported by research and science. When it comes to your horse, don’t get hosed using a tube.

The Sox For Horses, Inc. mission is to help owners better help their equines, make a difference in the lives of people and animals through support of equine and animal rescue organization, and secure and add jobs in American manufacturing. Whinny Warmers and Summer Whinnys are Made In America. Visit or call Sox For Horses, Inc. 850-907-5724 to talk to a real person about fitting the right socks for your horse.






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