Double Dan Horsemanship Teams with United States National Campdraft Association

Double Dan Horsemanship has teamed with the United States National Campdraft Association to promote the popular Australian sport from Down Under.

June 27, 2013 — Double Dan Horsemanship has teamed with the United States National Campdraft Association to promote the popular Australian sport from Down Under. Campdrafting fuses the finesse of cutting, agility of reined cow horse and speed of barrel racing into one adrenaline-pumping sport. This unique sport was created based on the intense equine athleticism essential to the demanding task of working cattle on the sizable Australian cattle stations.

Campdrafting takes place in a corral or arena and requires a mounted rider to move into a herd of six or more cattle called a “mob.” One steer or heifer is selected by the rider to be worked. Once the rider proves that the horse is able to control the movements of the steer or heifer by turning the cow, then the contestant may call for the gates to be opened and the next phase of competition begins. With two marks and one “gate” set up in a clover leaf pattern the horse and rider must circle the cow to one side around one mark then to the other around the second mark and finally moving through the “gate.” This action packed run happens in about 45 seconds making it one of the fastest paced events on dirt involving both horses and cattle.

Dan Steers is recognized as an entertainer and clinician around the globe but he also trains and competes, along with his wife Pia, at the highest level of Campdrafting at home in Australia.

“Campdrafting is such a fascinating sport to participate in or watch, showcasing a horse’s remarkable agility and cow sense,” says Steers. “It is very exciting to see the sport in the United States, and we are ready to help the U.S. Campdraft Association kick-start their program.”

Steers aims to educate and enlighten people across the United States about the sport of Campdrafting. Captivating crowds with his ability to combine education and entertainment is the driving force behind the partnership between Double Dan Horsemanship and the U.S. National Campdraft Association.

The USNCDA is gearing up to launch their Inaugural U.S. National Campdrafting Seminar and Competition on Aug. 22-25, 2013, to be held at the Eblert County Fairgrounds in Kiowa, Colorado. The event will kick off with a Judge’s Clinic on Thursday, Aug. 22, an Emphasis on Horsemanship Seminar on Friday, Aug. 23, followed by the Working with Cattle Seminar on Saturday, Aug. 24 and concluding with a blowout Open Competition on Sunday, Aug. 25.

To learn more about the United States Campdraft Association visit For more information about Dan Steers and Double Dan Horsemanship visit

Since their debut as “The Dan and Dan Show” in 2008, Double Dan Horsemanship is quickly becoming a household name in the equine industry. The duo have been noted for performing at every major Royal show in Australia and many large equine events in the United States, earning championships at the “Way of the Horse” at Equitana Asia Pacific in 2008, Road to the Horse International 2012 and the Mane Event 2012 Trainer’s Challenge. They have been crowd favorites in the opening ceremonies of the World Equestrian Games, Australia’s Got Talent, Australian National Cutting Horse Futurities, Equine Affaire and many others. As one of the hottest-selling equine acts in the industry, they continue to expand their horizons.

Dan James and Dan Steers have spent their time traveling the world sharing their unique brand of horsemanship and inspiring horse owners. Double Dan has teamed up with Taylor Made Farms in Lexington, Kentucky, to invite riders of any skill level to push the boundaries of horsemanship. Dan and Dan instruct horsemanship clinics and produce training tools to simplify the training process. Learn more about Double Dan Horsemanship at






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