Downunder Horsemanship Consolidating

Clinician Clinton Anderson is consolidating his Downunder Horsemanship enterprise. Currently, the business is run out of two locations in Stephenville, Texas. The office headquarters, where 20 employees work, is located on the edge of town on US Highway 377. A 250-acre ranch, where 11 employees work and public events are held, is located on FM 3025, just two miles off of State Highway 108. In 2015, Clinton will run the company out of the ranch location that already houses an office building ready to meet the demands of the company. The office headquarters on 377, which includes a warehouse, call center and retail showroom, is listed for sale.

A native Australian, Clinton established Downunder Horsemanship in 1998 and quickly built the company into an industry-leading empire. Clinton instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours across the country, produces an award-winning television show, hosts an internet TV website and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools for horse owners to make learning horsemanship as accessible and as easy as possible.

Clinton moved Downunder Horsemanship from Ohio to Texas in 2008 and made the decision to build the office headquarters in Stephenville because Internet infrastructure wasn’t available at the remote ranch site to meet the daily needs of the company. Downunder Horsemanship receives high volumes of traffic to its online store, video streaming site and interactive fan club website. Working closely with Century Link, Downunder Horsemanship now has the connectivity it needs to run successfully from the ranch location.

“I’m looking forward to having my entire company based in one location so that I can interact with my teammates better,” Clinton said. “This move was a long time in coming, and everyone in the company is excited about it. It’s going to streamline a lot of processes, and it will allow us to better meet the needs of our customers.”

The 28,000-plus square foot office building sits on six acres and is listed for sale with Coldwell Bankers Preferred Properties. Interested parties may contact Kara Pack for more information at 254-968-7653 or






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