Dr. Getty’s Presentation Topics Announced for Massachusetts Equine Affaire

Sept. 7, 2013 — The Massachusetts Equine Affaire, Nov. 7-10 in West Springfield, draws thousands of equestrians eager for knowledge. On Saturday, Nov. 9, and Sunday, Nov. 10, Juliet Getty, PhD, will be there to present fresh, scientific perspectives on equine nutrition.

Her topics will include:

  • Weight Loss the Right Way–Keeping your horse healthy while avoiding excess pounds
  • Aging Well: Insights into the Aging Horse–How to help him look, feel and act as young as possible
  • Understanding Horse Digestion: It’s Just Plain Different–Learning how the horse’s digestive system works will make it clear why it’s important to feed your horse the way nature and physiology intend him to eat
  • Whole Foods and Alternative Feeds–Considering more balanced, non-traditional feed sources. 

Along with her presentations, Getty offers informative resource books on each of these topics. Additional books in her Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series focus on laminitis, healthy joints and equine Cushing’s disease. The volume on horse digestion will be coming out in October. All of Getty’s books will be for sale at her booth at Equine Affaire; the rest are currently available on her website at www.GettyEquineNutrition.com and at Amazon.com.

Juliet M. Getty, PhD, is an internationally respected equine nutritionist who believes that the knowledge of how and what to feed is the foundation to optimizing horse health. She is the Contributing Nutrition Editor for the Horse Journal, and is available for private consultations and speaking engagements.

At www.gettyequinenutrition.com, sign up for her informative—and free—monthly newsletter, Forage for Thought; read articles and search her nutrition forum; purchase recordings of her informative teleseminars, and pick up copies of her books, including Getty’s comprehensive reference, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse as well as the various volumes in her Spotlight on Equine Nutrition Series. Contact Getty directly at [email protected].

For schedules and other information about Equine Affaire visit www.equineaffaire.com/massachusetts.



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