New Earn Your Spurs Blog and Podcast Feeds Cowboy Curiosity

The cowboy is quite possibly the most universally recognizable American icon. The multi-million-dollar dude ranch vacation industry is proof that Americans, not to mention our friends around the globe (most notably Germans and Japanese), love cowboys. Western movies, country music, rodeo and ranching are all synonymous with the United States. Even as more citizens take up residence in urban areas and ranching acreage morphs into real estate developments, fascination with the American cowboy lives on.

It is in this vein that the Earn Your Spurs brand was born. “I wanted to provide information for people who want to learn how they can live a little more western,” said creator Alyssa Barnes. “So many people dream of living the western lifestyle, but if they weren’t born into it themselves, it can be hard for them to imagine where they might fit in. There are things you just learn automatically when you grow up on a ranch or in the rodeo community. There is a learning curve for those who didn’t.”

This “learning curve” can include knowing the right kind of cowboy attire to wear to a rodeo to avoid looking like a “poser,” to knowing the proper way to saddle and bridle a horse, to knowing how to avoid saddle sores and outdated cowboy lingo. The answers to these questions can be found on the Earn Your Spurs blog at

In addition to the blog, Alyssa hosts the weekly Earn Your Spurs podcast where she interviews guests who are somehow involved in the western space. “I interview cowboys and cowgirls, but also authors, movie producers, ranch wives, and city slickers who love the west,” Alyssa said. “I’m interested in gathering a variety of perspectives around cowboy culture to inform, educate and inspire my listeners.”

You can find more information including the blog and podcast at, or on social media at and

Earn Your Spurs was created in 2014 to help people live a little more western and unleash their inner cowboy. With the help of a content-rich blog and weekly podcast, Alyssa Barnes helps the “cowboy curious” to earn their spurs. For more information, visit or email






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