Epic Educational Sessions Announced in 2013 Dressage Summit Schedule: World’s Elite Dressage Masters & Natural Horsemanship Experts Convene

WELLINGTON, FL — jan.3, 2013 — The 2013 Dressage Summit will bring together some of the most accomplished, respected and effective teachers the horsemanship world has to offer.

WELLINGTON, FL — JAN. 3, 2013 — The 2013 Dressage Summit will bring together some of the most accomplished, respected and effective teachers the horsemanship world has to offer. Christoph Hess, Walter Zettl and Charles de Kunffy are legendary dressage masters, all working to bring the sport back to its classical roots. Linda Parelli has spent the past five years training with Walter Zettl, and has been a catalyst for acceptance and understanding of dressage within the natural horsemanship community. Colleen Kelly is a pioneer in the field of rider biomechanics, and her experience as a Grand Prix judge – along with her collaborations with Linda Parelli – give her a unique and invaluable perspective when it comes to natural riding. Finally, Pat Parelli’s work with horse psychology and behavior has paved the way for mainstream acceptance of natural horsemanship, and along with his wife Linda, he will demonstrate how the framework of natural horsemanship can indeed apply to all disciplines, including dressage.

These talented individuals have collaborated on an official schedule for the Dressage Summit, and that schedule has now been released to the public. Spread over three days, with topics ranging from horse psychology to The Scale of Training to preparing for Grand Prix-level riding, the Dressage Summit will truly be a master course unto itself.

The Dressage Summit kicks off on Saturday, February 9, with an emphasis on Building a Solid Classical Horsemanship Foundation. To begin, Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli will discuss the Classical Training Scale – the foundation for all levels of classical dressage – and how its practical application creates a happy, healthy dressage athlete. Following Christoph and Linda, Charles de Kunffy will share the goals and theories of classical horsemanship and how they apply to the modern competition world. After lunch, Linda Parelli will share her revolutionary theory of Horsenality™ and explain how using simple and effective strategies brings out the best in all types of horses. Day 1 of the Dressage Summit wraps up with two sessions on schooling the young horse. Walter Zettl will school a rider through the basic exercises to training a young horse under saddle, while Pat Parelli demonstrates how developing a solid foundation on the ground leads to success in the saddle.

Day 2 focuses on Advancing Through the Levels. Picking up where he left off the previous day, Pat Parelli will open the day by discussing how the psychology of patterns helps prepare horses for dressage maneuvers. Following Pat, Charles de Kunffy will coach a rider through the methods of achieving the ideal seat and aids. This session will also feature a checklist for daily training with your equine athlete to advance through the Classical Training Scale. After lunch, Linda Parelli will be joined by Walter Zettl to explain and demonstrate The Game of Contact and the theory and importance of proper contact. To wrap up the day, Christoph Hess returns to share strategies for advancing through the Training Scale. After the show concludes, VIP ticketholders will have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive Q&A session with Christoph, Walter, Linda, Charles, Colleen & Pat!

The third and final day of the Dressage Summit builds upon Day 1 (Foundation) and Day 2 (Advancing) by focusing on Applying Foundation to Competition. To begin, FEI “I” dressage judge Christoph Hess shares the secrets of what dressage judges are really looking for, and how true harmony with your horse sets you apart on show day. Following that, former Grand Prix judge Colleen Kelly shares simple-but-effective techniques you can use to improve your rider score, impress the judges and wow your horse! After lunch, Pat Parelli returns to tackle an issue we’ve all encountered at some point: a physically gifted horse who needs a mental and emotional makeover. By working with a problem horse, Pat will demonstrate how an understanding of horse psychology translates to effective communication – and competition success! For the last session of the Dressage Summit, Walter Zettl will coach a rider through Grand Prix maneuvers to show that Grand Prix is not that difficult – it’s just the basics done with excellence. To close, he is joined by Linda Parelli to discuss how to apply the fundamental principles of classical dressage while preserving the dignity of both horse and human.

The Dressage Summit is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, a gathering of like-minded, progressive and renowned teachers from all corners of the horsemanship world. To truly take advantage of all this event has to offer, you’ll need to be in Wellington to attend. The Dressage Summit will not be filmed or webcast, making it an intimate, exclusive event. These legendary horsemen and women have come together for the betterment of the dressage industry, to improve awareness and understanding in the natural horsemanship industry, and with the goal of making the world a better place for horses and humans.

Additionally, the Dressage Summit is now officially USDF (United States Dressage Federation) University Accredited. This is very exciting, as the USDF is the United States’ only national membership organization dedicated to dressage. By accrediting the Dressage Summit, the USDF is encouraging its members to take part in this exciting educational event and earn credit in doing so. Their commitment to the education, support & well-being of dressage riders and their horses aligns them perfectly with the goals of the Dressage Summit. Attendees who are USDF members may contact Kathie Robertson at for details. To learn more about the United States Dressage Federation, visit

Tickets for the Dressage Summit are available now at the following prices: $195 for a 3-day pass, $395 for a VIP ticket, and $95 for a 1-day pass. To learn all about the Dressage Summit, including a detailed program, information on all of the presenters, tickets & accommodations, sponsors and more, visit or call 855-727-3554.

The 2013 Wellington Dressage Summit is supported the United States Dressage Federation and sponsored by Premier Equestrian and Kerrits Equine Performance Apparel.






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